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Silva to replace Xavi

Barcelona is all but ready to buy the talented David Silva and make him their much needed midfield playmaker. They are looking to replace Barca’s experienced player, Xavi. Barcelona is concerned about Xavi ageing and is ready to do anything to get playmaker David Silva from Manchester City to save them.

A list of candidates was compiled by senior officials from the Catalan club to find prospective replacements for the 34-year-old Barca veteran this summer. All of them unanimously chose £50million-rated Silva.

Silva is being viewed as a significant player that can bring in success in the upcoming seasons according to City boss Manuel Pellegrini. They will try to lead the Premier League and the Champions League. However, Silva is as close as it comes to for a perfect replacement for star player Xavi for Nou Camp bosses.

In La Liga Giants last month, Xavi passed a milestone in playing his 700th game. Apparently, playing high intensity and pressing games have taken their toll on Xavi, according to the Barca hierarchy. But when they see Silva, they see a 28 year old who is a perfect fit for the midfield slot at the Nou Camp if and when Xavi was to move out.

Silva is to join with Spain this summer for the World Cup in Brazil. Pellegrini is worried that this might lead to City star Silva being ambushed. Silva was a Valencia star before he was bought for City for £25million in 2010. Some of the big names of Barcelona might try their hand at tempting Silva to go back to his homeland.

Skipper Carles Puyol will be 36 in April. This too has provided to the tough decisions that Barcelona’s executives need to make regarding midfield and defense. As of now their prime concern is replacing legendary Xavi.

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