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David Silva has grown up to become one of the important players at Manchester City. Despite being an important player, it seems astonishing that David Silva was signed for less than £ 25 million. However, the Valencia president has now revealed that David Silva was closer to joining Real Madrid than Manchester City. The arrival of the new manager José Mourinho, according to him, for the reason Real Madrid decided not to sign the playmaker.

Even though David Silva impressed a lot in his first season at Manchester City, it is in the 2011-12 season that he has become a major influence on the side.

Even though Real Madrid are scoring goals for fun, many reckon that they could be even better with the addition of a versatile playmaker like David Silva. Valencia president Manuel Llorente has said that it was José Mourinho who decided not to sign the playmaker when he was ready to leave Valencia. He also said that Real Madrid are always willing to pay extra sums for foreign players rather than the Spanish-based players.

Real Madrid will be taking on Valencia in one of the most important matches of the season. It is obviously capable of deciding the outcome of the title. Valencia could have had a real chance had David Silva been playing for them instead of Real Madrid.

The Valencia president said, "I have to say that Silva did have the feeling that an agreement was to be reached, as Real Madrid had the will and willingness to sign him, but with the change of coach, everything stopped." It remains to be seen if José Mourinho would reject not signing David Silva. Valencia can go to within a point of Real Madrid at the top of the table with a win over their opponents.

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