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David Silva has been one of the best performers in the English Premier league this season, but this form has dipped in the last few weeks.

Now, the Manchester City midfielder has revealed that he has not been 100% in the last few weeks, as he has been playing through the pain barrier in order to help City win the title this season.

David Silva has revealed that the operation performed on his ankle in 2008 has been the cause of problems. It has been giving him problems since then, but the 26-year-old admitted that the pain has aggravated in the last few weeks, leaving City to rely on Mario Balotelli to score the goals.

David Silva revealed in an interview that he underwent the operation after the Euro 2008. Even though he had recovered sufficiently to play in the matches, he has said that the sheer amount of matches in England has made the problem reappear once again. Due to the presence of 4 cup competitions in England, teams have to play around 60 matches per season in order to have any chance of success in either of the competitions.

Further, the lack of winter break has only added to the problems for David Silva. He is hoping that the problem eventually subsides so that he can be back to his best - hopefully in time for the big match against Arsenal.

"This ankle, it is something that I have had problems with for years and years. Every day, I have to look after it. It's not 100%, but I just have to look after it. Playing all of these games in England is hard, so it is impossible, totally impossible, to be completely 100% all the time It is draining, but the important thing is to focus on the end of the season and winning the Premier League," David Silva spoke when asked about his recent poor form for Manchester City.

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