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Football betting tips

The race for the Premier League title takes on a new form next season as three fresh managers fight for the championship. The football world welcomes back Jose Mourinho and his Chelsea side are ready to set the benchmark next season. With Juan Mata, Oscar, Eden Hazard and potential new signing Edinson Cavani under his command, Mourinho is a solid bet to reclaim the Premier League trophy.

David Moyes, meanwhile, must quickly adapt to life at Old Trafford and succeed in this post-Sir Alex Ferguson era. The United side could do win an addition or two, which is why they’re not such a healthy bet as Chelsea right now, while rivals Manchester City are also some way behind. City need to clear out the dead wood before bringing new players in and, although Manuel Pellegrini has funds to spend, this squad needs a complete restructuring.

For many sports punters, betting this early in the season is difficult. It isn’t like casino gambling where you can stake a bet at any time and potentially reap major jackpots. No, a season-long bet like the title challenge is often forgotten, which is why lots of punters find preseason entertainment in the online community.

Gaming online is a great way to experience the thrill and excitement of a Premier League derby without leaving the comfort of your living room. While players train for weeks on end to achieve full fitness, simply switching on the computer is all the effort needed to get gaming in the online casino world.

There’s a vast array of games to choose from, from slot machines to classic poker, and all offer bonuses that enhance your chance of winning big. So, while Moyes is plotting his next transfer target and Mourinho setting out a solid defence, it’s worth checking out what the gaming community has to offer as a neat substitute for sports betting. We’ve a long season ahead of us and there’s plenty of scope for the odds to change, so why not try your hand in the casino instead.

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