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David Silva is behind the bars

The man who had systematically robbed the cash out of the account of David Silva is behind the bars now as he has been slapped a punishment of more than 3 years by the English judiciary.

The bank in which Silva had a deposit account got a call recently that Silva needed to be issued a new debit card as he lost his original one somewhere, but, the caller was not Silva himself. It was somebody trying to impersonate him.

The bank, however, was not able to catch him at that point because he got through all the security checks easily and his request for the new card was therefore processed and as per the request, the new card was mailed to the permanent address of Silva.

But, the card somehow did not reach Silva and reached that imposter instead who had made the call for the replacement of the card. The imposter then went to the bank with that card and withdrew more than hundred thousand Pounds appearing as Silva.

It was there that the bank officials were at fault because they should not have allowed the cash to be withdrawn without being sure that the person was indeed Silva and nobody else. But, they were a little careless in their duties there.

Silva was unaware of all these activities till then and it came into his notice only when he started getting messages on his mobile phone about the cash being withdrawn from his account.

When he contacted the bank to know if there was any withdrawal of the cash, the bank confirmed that, much to the shock of the Spaniard who immediately let the bank know that there was something wrong and that he had not been to the bank recently, neither had he sought any new debit card.

The bank then took the matter to the Police which swung into action and tracked the trickster down within a couple of days.

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