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COsta performing well at Chelsea

Diego Costa is turning out to be the signing of the season as the Brazilian born player has scored 8 goals in 6 Premier League and he is simply on fire. The 25 year old forward is one of the main figures behind the superb start of the season that Chelsea is going through as they remain undefeated and have convincingly been running past everything in their path.

Chelsea’s latest match witnessed the team of Jose Mourinho defeating Aston Villa with a scoreboard of 3-0 but when the match was over, the Portuguese coach told reporters that Diego Costa picked up a few knocks and hits during the game and he could be in the sidelines for a few weeks but the initial fear of Costa having sustained an injury was nothing more than a simple scare as he was featured in Chelsea’s Champions League match with Sporting Lisbon.

Mourinho said: "In this moment, if Diego can play, I play Diego. The team had a pre-season with him. The team has worked with him a lot of times. He’s played with us every match in the Premier League so far. So the team, at this moment, is more made to play with Diego. "So, in Lisbon, he plays. And, hopefully, he plays Sunday again against Arsenal.
‘’There is a risk, yes. But we accept that risk, he plays and, hopefully, everything goes well. Then we hope, from Tuesday to Sunday, he has enough time to be back on track again and play against Arsenal’’
Costa played all 90 minutes during the Champions League victory over Lisbon and he is expected to be ready to play against Arsenal on October 5.

Chelsea is making a genuine charge in this season of the Premier League as they are at top with 16 points and have scored 19 goals in 6 matches.

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