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Chelsea on cards for Winning Premier League Title

There is no doubt whatsoever that Chelsea are the favorites on winning the Premier League title of this season as Jose Mourinho and his team are on a rampage and some experts of the sport are even claiming that there is a real possibility of Chelsea not only winning the English League title but also on lifting the silverware without a single match just how Arsenal managed to do in the season of 2003-04.

Whether or not the squad of Jose Mourinho is indeed capable of winning the Premier League without losing a single match does not really matter as the most important thing is if Chelsea has what it takes on taking the English title away from the current champions Manchester City and so far it seems like Jose Mourinho and his team are more than capable of being crowned as the new champions of England.

The season still has a long way to go but Chelsea is on the right track.

Manchester City’s David Silva is well aware of the threat that Chelsea is representing and the Spanish midfielder praised all of the work that their opponents have been making Silva stated that despite Chelsea being the heavy favorites on winning the Premier League of this season, it still won’t be easy.

"Chelsea have made great transfers, they have a great team, a great squad. But it doesn't mean things are going to be easy, especially in England." David Silva told reporters

David Silva continued on by talking about his current situation at Manchester City as the Spanish midfielder stated that he is happy playing with the Premier League and wants to continue lifting titles with his teammates and club.

‘’You never get tired of winning and at the moment I’m winning with City, so I don’t have any ideas of making a change. The manager has created a good atmosphere and brought a better energy to the pace and the result of that is we have won two trophies so far’’ David Silva added on.

David Silva along with Yaya Toure and Sergio Aguero are the main creative sources and leaders in Manchester City and its good news for the supporters of the club that Silva is happy playing at the Etihad Stadium and has no plans of leaving.

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